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The front-press that efficiently crushes and consolidates the soil

Front-Roller from HE-VA gives an even, full width pressing that is especially suitable for light and medium soil types. It consists of a solid main frame and a flexible drawbar meaning that the Front-Roller will be drawn forward instead of pushed This way, Front-Roller will be able to run freely on the surface and will not affect the tractor steering.
Front-Roller can be equipped with either Cambridge, Crosskill, Star or V-profile rings that ensure a completely level consolidation in the entire working width of the machine. Cambridge and Crosskill rings are both suitable for light and medium soil types, whereas V-profile rings are recommended for stony as well as wet and clayey soil types.

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Front-Roller Twin

Front-Roller also comes with 2 rows of star rings that consolidate the soil very efficiently.

Specify the rings to suit the job

Cambridge ring
Cambridge rings are available as 510 mm or 620 mm and suitable for crushing clods and consolidation of the top 10 cm. The rings leave a nice and level surface and the serrated rings improve aggression in heavier land and keep the press clean, when the going gets sticky.

Crosskill ring
Crosskill rings work aggressively on the soil leaving small clods and fine tilth at seed depth to optimize germination and reduce capping and wind blow. To prevent the rings from getting clogged with soil, every two rings are movable in a loose hub containing the same radius against the soil and the same soil consolidation as well.

Star ring
The Star ring is a good choice whe using the Front-Roller for soil packing and seedbed preparation. The Star ring has proven very efficient in light and sandy soil types as well as heavy types.