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Accurate seeding of all types of seeds and fertiliser

HE-VA Multi-Seeder is a pneumatic fine-seeder that can easily be mounted onto many different types of farm machines such as rollers, seeders, stubble equipment, subsoilers and weeders.
Multi-Seeder is ideal for a wide variety of seed species e.g. rape, wheat, mustard, clover, grass and for spreading fertiliser and snail poison.

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Here, the Multi-Seeder is mounted on a Weeder, which makes it possible to seed while distributing the stubble around the field.

Measure speed and dosage

Automatic adjustment of dosage
Multi-Seeder is available with GPS for speed control and with electric seed roller drive as well, which means that the dosage is automatically adjusted to fit the speed.
The seed rate is set by the Auto-Controller and can be adjustred by the control box in optional steps. Auto-Controller also has surveilance and alarm functions for fan operation and low seed hopper and a prestart function for seeding in the corners of the field.

Constant dosage
Multi-Seeder with electric controller provides a constant and continuous dosage unaffected by the speed. It has different dosage levels that can be adjusted from the tractor seat, but this kind of dosage requires a fixed working speed and works well for grass.

Multi-Seeder FZ

Spreading fertiliser
Multi-Seeder FZ is used for fertiliser. The stainless steel bottom means that the risk of damage from the moist in the fertiliser is minimal. Also, the grill at the bottom ensures that lumps of fertiliser will not get stuck and this way, a high degree of efficiency is maintained.

Multi-Seeder Twin

Independent adjustment of the seed rate
Multi-Seeder Twin is a seed hopper with two compartments as well as two dosing units making it possible to adjust the seed rate independently from one compartment to another.
Multi-Seeder is thereby ideal for seeding of rape, where two slug pellets have to be placed at the same time as the seed.

Precise seeding of most types of seed

Multi-Seeder comes standard with 2 dosing rolls - one for grass and one for small seeds like clover or for small amounts.

Seeding of grass

This dosage roll is particularly suitable for grass and enables dosages from app. 26-200 kg/ha.

Seeding of clover and small seeds

This dosage roll is suitable for clover and other kinds of small seeds and makes it possible to seed in dosages from app. 1.5 - 12 kg/ha.

Accurate dosage is ensured with a wide variety of dosing rolls as extra equipment. Which one to use depends on seed type, seed rate, working width, speed and number of outlets. Besides the 2 standard dosing rolls, you can choose between 4 other dosage rolls that are all suitable for different seeds and purposes.