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Performance starts with comfort and safety

RAPTOR AS DARK is the premium version of our self-propelled sprayer. It has from all the advantages of the standard RAPTOR range (tank capacity of up to 5,200 L, booms available up to 44 m, authorised speed limit of 40 km/h, etc.) in a front boom version. Its suspended panoramic cab is ROPS approved, it has class IV air filtration and is one of the best soundproofed cabs on the market, guaranteeing a high level of comfort and safety for the operator.The RAPTOR AS DARK also includes the DARK Style and our DARK CONFORT equipment pack as standard.

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Chassis and transmission

  • Mechanically welded chassis made of large rectangular profiles for stability and strength.
  • Steering: 4WD and electronic steering: 2WD, 4WD, 4 crab wheels and major slope corrector functions
  • BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic transmission with gear motors now with ECO functionality as standard

3 speed ranges 0-19 km/h - 0-25 km/h - 0-40 km/h
Optional variable hydraulic track width available, with 3 pre-set working widths. Possibility of different track widths at the front and rear so as to prevent soil compression when spreading nitrogen solutions.

Simplicity and best practices

  • DUALELEC 5: motorised start-up from the cab or workstation designed to control all the machine’s 17 functions.
  • Mixing hopper: ergonomics combined with power. With a capacity of 35 L, it is fitted with an offset handle for opening an additional valve for rinsing.
  • Digital NIVALEC gauge to optimise DILUNET and DILUNET Plus accuracy: as an option for sequencing dilutions at the bottom of the tank from the cab.

The comfort of technology

  • Various control units can be connected to the DPAE RAPTOR FC DARK regulation system:
    • the EC TRONIC monitor: continuous display of the main spraying parameters, integration of certain options (DUALELEC, etc.), traceability and compatibility for GPS support
    • the VT TRONIC monitor: a top-range ISOBUS terminal with a 30 cm touchscreen operating on Android
  • Whatever the solution adopted, the RAPTOR AS DARK is supplied with the E-PILOT wireless joystick, which enables the sprayer to be controlled within a radius of 20 m around the machine.
  • Optional equipment is available: BOOM CONTROL / maintains the boom at a pre-set height (3 versions are available), product flow, etc.
Capacity 4,200 - 5,200 L
Transmission BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic
Chassis 4 pneumatic suspension units (2 front + 2 rear) + 4 hydraulic shock absorbers with swinging rear axle on the 4240 and 5240 models
Speed 40 km/h
Booms available EKTAR AS boom: 36, 38, 40 or 42 m with pendular suspension
Pump type OMEGA Centrifugal twin turbine 550 L/min
Regulation - DPAE EC Tronic regulation system as standard
- VT TRONIC and Spraytronic as an option
Gauges NIVELEC and DUALELEC 5 gauge as standard
Variable hydraulic track Available optionally, you have variable track set from 1.80 to 3.05 m (depending on versions).
This considerably reduces the impact on crops

[FOCUS] on the DARK Confort: fully motorised DUALELEC operation

  • 100% BERTHOUD design: the aluminium body of the valve block makes it more resistant to corrosion and to give a longer life.
  • All-in-one block: DUALELEC combines all the spraying-related functions together thanks to a stack of blocks enabling a significant reduction in the volumes of product residue in the pipes.
  • Simple and intuitive operation: DUALELEC allows you to control all the sprayer functions from your cab and/or from your control station with no risk of possible errors.
  • DUALELEC is a technology that we have been perfecting for 10 years: having proven that the technology is sound, we also want to offer you reliable and long-lasting innovation.