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Increase your range with the TANDEM front tank

With a capacity of 1,000 litres, the TANDEM tank enables you to increase your range and work rate. With the ELYTE, it forms a real self-propelled sprayer. It is available in two versions: “product mix” version for transporting product mixes or fertiliser and “clean water” version for transporting clean water.

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TANDEM: the advantages of a small self-propelled sprayer

  • Compact size for maximum visibility
  • Mechanically welded chassis protected by epoxy paint.
  • High density polyethylene tank with a capacity of 1,000 litres +5%, with a large filling connection
  • 135 litre rinse tank

Operation and spraying

  • Filtration on filling (sieve), on suction (via the sprayer) and on delivery (via the sprayer)
  • Agitation and transfer is done by a 70 litre/min electric centrifugal pump controlled from the cab (on the “product mix” version only). On the “clean water” version, transfer is done by the sprayer’s exterior intake function
  • As the control box is in the cab, the pump can be started and the “transfer” or “agitation” mode can be commanded, as well as rinsing the tank at the end of the spraying (optional).

Choose the TANDEM front tank option!

  • Headlights as standard
  • Removable rollers as standard
  • Connection pipes supplied
  • Empty weight 220 kg
Capacity 1,000 L
Hitch type 3 point hitch or semi-chassis for tractor not equipped with front lift
Type of pump 70 litre/min electric centrifugal pump (on “product mix” version only)
Retrofit fitting With a simple modification to the sprayer without affecting the operation
Operation From the mounted sprayer control station
Gauges Direct readout float gauge