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Triple-Tiller (Trailed)

Triple-Tiller (Trailed)

Versatile stubble cultivator

Triple-Tiller – the ideal stubble cultivator for farmers, who need a versatile machine for traditional stubble cultivation as well as for in-depth tillage. Triple-Tiller has been designed to solve different kinds of tasks all in one machine.

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The 3 rows of harrow tines ensure perfect harrowing and soil loosening in alle types of soil and the eradicator discs provide an even surface - ready for consolidation by the roller. Consolidating the soil efter tillage ensures optimal conditions for the germination process of the weed seeds

Choose the right tine for your soil

Triple-Tiller gives you the choice between 3 different tines:

  • Spring tine double twisted
  • Shear bolt tine
  • Automatic tine with double spring

The automatic tine with double spring and the shear bolt tine has a working depth of 0 - 30 cm, where the spring tine double-twisted has a working depth of 0-20 cm. The Automatic tine with double spring also has a vibrating effect and minimises the power requirement and thereby reduces the fuel costs.

Efficient consolidation

Rollers for every soil type
You can choose between 4 different types of rollers for your Triple-Tiller

  • Square tube roller
  • Wave roller
  • U-profile roller
  • V-profile roller

The V-profile roller leaves a level and smooth surface, while the U-profile roller gives a good soil-to-soil consolidation. The wave roller and the square tube roller are suitable for loose soil types.